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Edraw UML Diagram is an editing tool that supports the creation and editing of UML diagrams. All UML 1.2 structures, behavior and interaction diagrams are supported. In addition, Booch OOD, COM and OLE, Data Flow Model, Enterprise Application, Jacobson Use Case, Jackson, Flowchart, Nassi Schneiderman, ROOM, Shlaer-Mellor OOA, SSADM, and Yourdon and Coad diagram stencils are provided as part of this software design package.

The package is aimed as a learning tool for students who need to familiarize themselves with UML concepts, since the models created are not interrelated, nor can code be generated from them. However, this does not diminish the tool’s capability of easily creating the UML diagrams based on models in a rapid fashion, to display or present the components of a UML-based model in a collaborative fashion.

Examples are provided of each UML diagram type, which can, if desired, be used as a starting point for the novice developer. UML use case would probably be the first diagram to produce, and this can be readily achieved, along with the freedom of applying a rich color scheme for presentation purposes. This latter feature is not necessarily available in the expensive tools that support interrelated model development and code development from the models.

For a learning tool, or for presentation of UML diagrams to gain agreement on design concepts, this tool is hard to beat. The added bonus is the ability to support other software design diagrams as listed above. The ‘3’ rating is mainly due to this program not supporting full UML to code integration, otherwise it would be ‘4’ or even ‘5’ for its ease of use.

F Mark Restorick
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  • Ability to quickly learn and draw UML diagrams for presentation
  • Fully uses the Windows XP user interface
  • Supports many other software design diagrams in addition to UML
  • Reasonably priced for features provided
  • Free upgrades for ever, free technology support
  • Access to in-depth tutorials to help you learn to draw software diagrams


  • Does not support XML Metadata Interchange
  • Supports UML diagrams but not the models behind them
  • Does not support code generation
  • Does not support reverse engineering to create a diagram from imported code
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