Edraw UML Diagram

Edraw UML Diagram 4.1

Edraw UML Diagram is a Unified Modeling Language to create diagrams
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Edraw UML Diagram is a Unified Modeling Language that helps you to create diagrams such as flowcharts, network diagrams, organizational charts, etc. You can choose between 10 different categories of templates to create your diagrams - Basic Diagram, Business, Clip Art, Engineering, Flowchart, Maps, Mind Map, Network, Organizational Chart, and Software. Each template category has many templates with shapes to help you create your diagram. You just have to choose the drawing type and double click on it to start drawing. In the menu you have many tools to edit and improve your diagram. The menus are described in the following:
- Home. You can adjust font properties, select the drawing tool, text, insert connector, lines, rectangles, ovals, arrange shapes, change styles, colors, etc.
- Insert menu. Here you can insert new pages, tables, pictures, vector texts, font symbols, or files from Microsoft Word, Excel, Graph, Equation, OLE objects, and hyperlinks.
- Page Layout. This helps you to choose the units you wish to use (millimeters, centimeters, kilometers, miles, inches, feet, and yards), paper orientation, page size, use rule and grid, select different themes or page background.
- Slide Show menu. Helps you to start, setup, and save slideshows.
- Libraries menu. Here you can select predefined libraries, create, load, save, and close libraries, select different pen tools, modify anchor, insert lines, arcs, spiral, rectangles, rounded rectangles, ovals, polygons, stars, and symbols.
- View menu. Helps you show panels, type of document view, show or hide rulers, gridlines, guide lines, connection points, zoom in, zoom out, open a new window, switch windows, and open options.
- Help menu. Here you can open the dynamic help, run tutorial, check updates, visit home page, etc.

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  • Hundred of drawing types and shapes to suit your needs.
  • Modify or create your own drawings and use connectors


  • The Trial version allows you to evaluate the Edraw for 60 days
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